Day 5; Waitiki Landing – The Bluff

6 Hours.

Set off from the Te Paki Stream carpark today after getting transport back to the track. Nice walk up the stream bed past the dunes again. Less tourists this time lol.

Got up to the stream mouth and had to rescue a couple of tourists stuck on the beach in their two wheel drive rental car, got them out eventually with the help of the next passing people.

Continued up the beach towards The Bluff, took up the kind offer of some delicious watermelon from some passerby’s on quad bikes – yumm!

The length of the beach is starting to become obvious today, it’s loooooong. Really really loooong. Us vs the beach. So far so good.

Eventually reached the camp site behind the dunes at The Bluff to set up camp. Good camp site, with water, toilets, and grassy area. People at the camp site were super friendly and spoke to us a lot. I think we accidentally camped in the middle of the kids motor cross track though as we spent a few hours chilling in the tent whilst being continuously lapped lol. Oops. Haha 🙂
Really nice spot.

Route up the Te Paki stream bed.
Rest stop on the Ninety Mile Beach.
Inside our tent.
Looking out over The Bluff campsite.

2 thoughts on “Day 5; Waitiki Landing – The Bluff”

  1. hi sista shar…looks like u are living a dream,love ur posts and look for to the next one….love the motercross tent site lol,awsome.enjoy and look forward to reading soon

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