Day 6; The Bluff – Hukatere

3 Hours.

……. + 20 mins car / dune buggy.

This section is the worst. Long, featureless, relentless. The heat haze prevents you from seeing more than 10 or so kms ahead (not that it matters – it looks exactly the same).
The beach walking gets tiring and hard on the feet. It’s been hot and windy today.

Today the beach won.

After walking the first 15km, we accepted a ride in the car / dune buggy of some kind people.
Extremely happy to get to our destination today, we arrived at the Hukatere Lodge B&B where the owner Gabrielle & her partner greeting our weary bones with free ice cold beer & homemade cider!!!
We had dinner with them, a BBQ of steak & veges. Then crashed soon after!

We actually made it.
Hukatere Lodge homemade cider. Delicious business!

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