Day 10; Zero Day @ Ahipara

Life is tough in Ahipara. Beautiful beach, amazing place to stay.

Ahipara Bay Motel where we are staying is amazing. We have a spa bath room (epicly needed) with an amazing view of the bay from our deck. There is a restaurant here that sells delicious stone grill meals and the best affagato I’ve ever had to date.

We spent most of the day chilling out, drinking beer, and recouperating from the epic beach walk.

The owners are brilliant. Today they took us into Kataia with them so we could resupply and also to Hunting & Fishing for a new water bladder for Neil.

Ahipara Bay, view from the motel.
Me reading in the sunshine, trying to get brown.
Chilling on the deck with my babey 🙂
Our little deck area, overlooking Ahipara Bay.

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