Day 11; Zero Day @ Ahipara

Today’s our second rest day at Ahipara and we thought we’d use it to do what any Te Araroa hiker must do on a day off; climb the local hill. Lol. After a yummy cooked breakfast we set off to climb Ahipara Hill only to find we couldn’t seem to access it due to private land :/

Nevermind, off to Ahipara store for ice cream and a bit of a walk along the beach. Then spent the rest of our afternoon drinking beer in the sun and relaxing.

Had a knock on the door in the late afternoon from some other Te Araroa hikers! Shared a beer with them and swapped some tales before heading up to the restaurant for a last hearty dinner before we hit the Herekino Forest tomorrow. The owners have even kindly offered us a ride to the start of the track.

The Te Araroa hikers we met are an awesome couple from Australia (but we won’t hold that against them) Anna & Roger who are doing the hike in an almost as leisurely manner as we are – lol 🙂 They are only here for two months though so are only doing what they can until they can come back to do more.

The bustling CBD of Ahipara.
Neil & one of our new friends Roger, with Ahipara Bay in the background.

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