Day 12; Ahipara – Eastern Edge Herekino Forest

9 hours.

Today we set off to take on the first of the 3 sections of forest on the traverse across Northland, the Herekino Forest. This one is not meant to be too bad.

The ever fantastic owners at Ahipara Bay Motel dropped us at the start of the track this morning and we set off. Our plan is to get as far through as we can today and camp hopefully at the other edge of the forest somewhere.

It’s a steep grunt up for the first half hour or so then chills out a little from there. It’s a long stretch through and about 7:30pm ish we reach the highest point. It a quick steep hike down from here and we decide to give it a go getting down before dark.

Unsuccessful. One missed track marker later and we end up on a dark, steep, scramble towards a GPS line trying to re-find the track. Oh, and it’s raining :/

Anyway, we didn’t manage to find the track again in the dark but the gps puts us right by it so we camp up for the night when we find a flat spot.

Tree carvings at the beginning of the Herekino Forest Track.
Steep grunt begins at the start of the track.
One of the stream crossings with the cable running across for help across in higher flows.
Trig at the highest point of the Herekino Forest – 558m.

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