Day 13; Eastern Edge Herekino Forest – Kataia Quarry Rd

5 hours.

This morning after our epic scramble last night we wake up and find the track easily in the daylight about 5m from us. Excellent.

Packed up camp and set off thinking about the next forest, the Raetea. THIS forest is the hard one apparently. It’s renowned as much more like a jungle. In fact, word on the Te Araroa is that if you can do the Raetea, you can do anything.

With this in mind, and with all our clothes covered in mud, and knowing our Australian friends will be doing it tommorow, we decide to exit out via the Kaitaia Walkway back to Ahipara and regroup.

The Kaitaia Walkway was pretty ummaintained for the first part so was pretty hard work, but once we got to the Kaitaia side it was in much better shape and was quite a good walk.

Ahipara Bay Motel to the rescue. Neil the owner fetched us from the track end as we booked back in for another couple of nights 🙂

Excellent. More worlds best affagato. 🙂

We had a bit of a yarn to our Aussie friends regarding the Raetea Forest and they are pushing through it tommorow with day packs. It’s a big 9hour slog. We will wait and get a report from them tommorow.

Herekino Track & Kaitaia Walkway Junction.
Through the Kaitaia Walkway.
Kaitaia Walkway sign.
Back in Ahipara 🙂

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