Day 18; Mangamuka Bridge – Middle Puketi Forest

7 hours.

This morning after breakfast at the Horeke Tavern the manager Nathan dropped us back at the track and we set off up the road.

Very hot today and a long road walk in. A German girl took us a small way up the road, which was great to save some time as we had a long day ahead of us.

After a cooked (dehydrated meal) at lunch the track took us further along forestry road till it turned off down towards the stream.

It was a stream walk through for an hour or two which was real nice in the hot weather. At the end of the stream it was a shitty bush bashy muddy track up the river for so long as we took to abandon it and go for the walk through the river option.

Eventually we ended up at the campsite we were looking for – a nice wee freedom forest camping spot with some logs and stuff about just near the river at the bottom of the Pukatea Ridge.

We had arrived close to 7pm so just had dinner and crashed. Heaps of bird life in this forest. Had a few moreporks roosted above the tent that kept Neil awake lol.

Flood warning sign for the stream as it passes through a canyon area.
Going through the stream section.
Start of the shitty bush bash track.
Our wee forest camp spot.
Fire & log seat area by camp.

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