Day 19; Middle Puketi Forest – Puketi Forest HQ Campsite

5 hours.

First stretch today was a 400m ascent up the Pukatea Ridge. This was a real slog despite only being 3km long. Lots of undulations where we kept losing all the height we’d gained and then having to reclimb it.

Anyways, we finally made it to the 400m mark where it became quite a pleasant wander, and then popped out onto the forestry roads. The forestry roads took us another few hours to get us to Puketi Forest Headquaters Campsite. This is a lovely wee spot and we’d booked a DOC cabin online for just $20 (will hold as many as three for that price. Just a cosy wee cabin – facilities; bunks, desk, lightbulb, power point lol 🙂

The camp itself has plenty of space for tents, some lovely wee walks, cold showers, toilets and picnic tables. We had got here early so did some laundry in a plastic bag bucket and chilled out eating and resting.

Along the Pukatea Ridge.
Top of the Pukatea Ridge where we turn off towards the campsite along the forestry road.
Forestry road en route to campsite.
Cabins from the outside, at Puketi Forest Headquarters Campsite.
Inside our cabin – to the left.
Inside our cabin – to the right.

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