Day 21; Zero Day @ Kerikeri

Today we got up bright and early, did the laundry, cooked some breakfast, and did some planning for the next leg.

In the afternoon we headed off for a walk down to Kerikeri Basin to check out the stone store – Kerikeri’s iconic and historical building.

The basin area is amazing. It was a beautiful day. We went to the Pear Tree Cafe & Restaurant for the afternoon for some beers and enjoyed it so much we stayed for dinner also. It has a reputation as Kerikeri’s best spot to eat which preceeded it so we though why not. In all I think we spent 4 or 5 hours here. And yes, the food and beverages were perfect. Faultless service too.

After dinner we walked home back to the campsite and retired for the day full of good food & beverages and well rested – very happy hikers šŸ™‚

Kerikeri’s iconic stone store.
Original cost prices of building the stone store.
The wharf at the Kerikeri Basin.
View out to the stone store & Kerikeri Basin from the Pear Tree Cafe & Restaurant.
Wishing well at the Kerikeri Basin.

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