Day 23; Zero Day @ Pahia

We got up about 10am today and headed off into Pahia along the coastal track we missed on the way in (had to follow the road as it was high tide). It was a really nice walk and when we got into Pahia we got some lunch from the other restaurant on the pier. We had fish and salad – it was delicious! Oh, and a beer 🙂

After lunch we caught the ferry across to Russell. Cracker day for it and really great to be back here again. We had a pineapple cider at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel as we soaked up the lovely day then went for a little wander down the beachside road.

The wander was nice and took us past an old whalers chase boat and a gentleman doing some Maori carving. We then headed back to Pahia on the Happy Ferry and got some supplies before heading back to camp.

We spent the afternoon back in camp doing some kayaking around the bays. We kayaked to Opua and back to cover the little section of track we’d miss by catching the water taxi tommorow directly from the campsite. Was so much fun kayaking 🙂

View from the restaurant on the pier, looking across to Russell.
Russell beach as we get off the ferry.
View along the beachside road in Russell past the Duke of Marlborough Hotel.
Gentleman on the beachside doing the maori carving.
Russell pier with cannon in foreground.
The Happy Ferry docked at Pahia.
Looking back at our little campsite from the kayak.
Neil kayaking as we make our way round to Opua.
View of our campsite from further out in the bay.

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