Day 25; Russell Forest Shelter – Oakura Bay Campsite

3.5 hours.

We had a nice sleep in this morning and had a leisurely day ahead of us through to Oakura Bay so we took our time packing up camp and eating breakfast.

As we were finishing our packing up another Te Araroa hiker turned up. He was German and had hiked in from Waikare area that morning. He had left the top 12 days ago – no zero days. We have taken twice that long lol (mainly due to zero days).

We had a bit of a yarn and found out he has hiked the Appalachian Trail in America – it’s sort of on my list but I’m a bit worried about bears (he had a close bear moment himself). He had a snack and we set off about the same time he set off again. He was soon well ahead though and that’s the last we saw of him.

The track was a nice bush track, quad bike sized, heading out of the Russell Forest over a saddle. We came out to the road and it was a couple of hours of road walking from there to Oakura Bay.

Arriving at Oakura Bay we stopped for refreshments at the store on the way in. The store here is re-supply worthy and sells beer. There is also a fish and chip shop here just down the road.

The campsite was a further 2km from the store and after heading over a hill (the law of Te Araroa physics dictates the day will always end in a hill I am sure) we dropped into the campsites bay.

Stunner spot here, we checked in. Our accommodation for the next 2nights here is in a converted horse float – haha way cool!! Good price too. We settled in and later walked down for scrumptious fish n chips for dinner and to collect some beers šŸ™‚

The bush track out of the Russell Forest.
Emerging from the bush track towards the main road.
This is the 4th similar sign I’ve seen. I don’t think they like dogs around here.
Dropping into the campsite’s bay.
Our campsite for the next 2days
Our funky converted horse float šŸ™‚

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