Day 27; Oakura Bay – Cnr Webb & Kaiikanui Rds

3.5 hours.

We set off at a leisurely pace this morning with a short day ahead of us. We stopped on the way out of Oakura Bay at the general store for a cold beverage and then headed off.

It was a complete road walk today but was a pleasant walk. After a couple of hours we got to Helena Bay by the turn-off to our accommodation and took the little road a few hundred metres to the beach for lunch.

The wee bay was a lovely spot with a couple of picnic tables about and we enjoyed our tortilla sandwiches we made for our lunch. Yum. Sandwiches for lunch are always great, in the longer stretches and away from townships it’s usually a dehydrated food lunch.

We rang the owners at the Hopewell B&B where we were staying to arrange our pick up from an hour up the road at the top of the hill where they would drop us off tomorrow. We did this to break up what would have been a long stretch through to Whananaki.

With the pick up arranged we set off for the last wee stretch of the day, up the hill to above the Mimiwhangata Coastal Reserve. We would have liked to have popped down but thought it was a bit far off track for this time and would defeat the purpose of us breaking up the long stretch.

The owner arrived to pick us up and whisked us away back to the B&B at Helena Bay. It was a stunner spot and they were lovely people. We spent a bit of time talking to the gentleman who had been working on a caravan he’d got from trade me for $1! He was busy painting it and stuff and the plan was to have it as an extra accommodation option on the property.

We’d arrived early so we popped down the road to check out the art gallery / cafe nearby which was very cool. We had a couple of wines and I bought some chocolate coffee beans – yummo!!! I LOVE chocolate coffee beans šŸ™‚ I was very happy.

We set off back to the B&B where they cooked us dinner. It was delicious and we ate every last bite lol. It was a zucchini meatloaf dish and was sooo nice. Also, they had made desert – rhubarb crumble with German custard (the owners were German) – this was also delicious. We had a beer and wine with dinner too which was lovely.

Road walk between Oakura Bay and Helena Bay.
Our lunch spot at Helena Bay.
The super tree at Helena Bay.
Teal Bay just after Helena Bay.
Ducklings on the river.
Top of the hill above Mimiwhangata Coastal Reserve.
View from the gallery cafe.
Morepork sculpture.
Gallery gardens.
Huge dogs at the gallery.
Egg nest sculpture.
Our bedroom at Hopewell B&B.
Hopewell B&B.

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