Day 28; Cnr Webb & Kaiikanui Rd – Whananaki

4.5 hours.

We got up this morning at the crack of dawn for a 7:30am breakfast and an early departure. The breakfast was delicious, bacon, eggs, toast, homemade spreads with juice and coffee.

We then got dropped off back at the top of the hill where we left off yesterday. It was a short walk along the road to the entry of the Morepork Track which took us through the Kaiikanui Forest. The tracks through here were nice and easy going. We passed a young man in here on the steeper side training for the coast to coast. We had a little chat then continued on.

We decided to take the DOC detour out before hitting the Onekainga side of the area to shorten the trip a little and have an early arrival for Whananaki to get stuff done (laundry and a bit of a blog catch up), and enjoy Whananaki.

It was a bit of a route finding exercise but we did just fine finding the way out down to the road. Had to do a little detour around a huffy puffy disgruntled bull but that went ok thank goodness lol. Had a bit of pigs on the loose coming down the road too. Surprised these people have any animals left with all there gates wide open.

After the animal run we reached the main road and had a 40 minute walk in to the Whananaki Holiday Park where we were booked in for the Naki’d Inn πŸ™‚

I’ve been looking forward to staying here. The owners are great trail enthusiasts and they love the hikers. They are very involved and have this awesome little hut set aside for Te Araroa hikers. They had just featured in a full page article in the local paper about the trail and their enthusiastic input which we read on their wall.

Anyway they were amazing and made us feel right at home. There was even a bowl of fresh fruit in the little hut with some wee flowers and they gave us some laundry powder for our washing.

The Whananaki Beach Store is right at the front of the campsite and has everything you need along with a little takeaway / cafe. You could get anything you need here pretty easily, good food, great coffee. We grabbed some cold beers and headed back to camp for a relaxing arvo.

We had burgers from the wee takeaway for dinner that were amazing and later in the evening we took a little walk along the estuary. It was a wonderful night. We saw some people in the estuary fishing for flounder or flatfish or something at the edge of the water.

View from the balcony at Hopewell B&B early in the morning.
Turn off from the road onto the Morepork Track.
The Morepork Track.
Morepork Track opening up.
Morepork Track.
Cow statue in Whananaki – thought of my good friend Alisa who loves cows πŸ™‚
Whangarei Leader article about the Te Araroa and the owners of Whananaki Holiday Park.
The Naki’d Inn πŸ™‚
Inside the Naki’d Inn.
Our trusty survival bag ice bucket πŸ™‚

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