Day 30; Zero Day @ Ngunguru

Today we spent most of the day planning the next couple of legs through to Auckland. They consist of a total of 12 walking days and a few bits in need of organising.

The section from here to Pataua South is a sea kayak section to skip a few estuaries so we organise the trip with Mark at Pacific Coast Kayaks who will take us across. Also, we need to get across the Whangarei Harbour after that so we have to look into options for getting across by boat. We found some accommodation there which we will use as a base that is owned by a gentleman who owns a boat and is happy to take us across for a small donation.

Later in this stretch we hit Waitangi Weekend too which is stretching accomodation options meaning we will have to book ahead. Also, there is another kayak just prior to Waiwera which we will need to sort out as we get closer.

Anyway we manage today to draft a little plan for the next stretch and sort some options to look at. We then spent the afternoon doing some blogging and resting before making some homemade burgers for dinner 🙂

Looking inland up the Ngunguru Estuary.

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