Day 32; Ngunguru – Pataua South

3 hours sea kayaking.

Today we got up a bit earlier to get ourselves sorted for the epic journey ahead. Packed our big bags for transporting and our waterproofed day packs for the epic sea kayak ahead!

I was very excited but a bit nervous. I’ve never done any sea kayaking before not in the open sea anyway, only in sheltered bays, and this was a 12 km stretch – yikes!! I was in fact comforted by the fact we had a guide, and that I was in a double kayak with Neil so if I ran out of steam then hopefully he’d still have some lol.

Anyway, Mark arrived with his trusty sidekick driver at 10am to pick us up and we drove round to a little bay where we would set off. When we got there we got ourselves, our skirts and life jackets sorted, packed the kayaks, did some safety yarns then set off!

It was a bit of a swell – 1.5m or so and a little choppy with a headwind so we made a direct beeline instead of following closer to the coast to avoid the maximum effect of the headwind. It was definitely hard work, had a little break an hour in to scoff a moro I’d stashed in my life jacket and had a wee drink of water then continued on.

I caught quite a bit of sea water in the face at the front and Neil had the rudder responsibility but we both kept a good slow and steady paddle and 10km / 2.5 hours later we landed at a beach not far from our destination for a lunch break.

We’d done awesome, and Mark had made us some tasty sandwiches and hot chocolate with ginger nut bikkies! Yum!

We set sail again after 30 minutes or so for another 30 minutes of paddling to our final landing where Marks trusty sidekick was ready to whisk us away.

It was an awesome kayak and I’m so proud I made it lol. Mark dropped us off at Tidesing B&B where we were booked in for a few days at their lovely little cabin in the woods. We ate then fell asleep with very sore arms.

Mark & Neil getting ready.
Looking out from the launch point to where we would kayak.

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