Day 33; Zero Day @ Pataua South

We woke about 8am this morning after a really good sleep in our little cabin. We had organised a breakfast for each day we were here and Adam arrived at our cabin at 8:30am with our little breakfast basket.

The actual owners of Tidesong B&B are away at the moment doing the Te Araroa Trail lol. Adam and Alex are running the show for them while they are away and they are lovely. Our breakfast was lovely. Heaps of fruit, bagels, muesli, yoghurt, coffee and tea.

We spent today chilling out in our wee cabin doing laundry and blogging. It’s in a lovely wee spot with its own verandah. Absolutely love coming across these accomodation spots with trail enthusiasts. Makes for an even more amazing adventure 🙂

Looking down towards the main house from the end of our cabin track at the Tidesong B&B.
Neil on our cabins wee verandah with the breakfast basket.
Looking inside the cabin.

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