Day 34; Zero Day @ Pataua South

Today after a well deserved long sleep in (after breakfast at 8:30am – bacon & eggs even) we thought we better get out and about so we decided to walk up to Pataua South Beach and back. It’s about 5kms away so it should be a nice wee walk.

We set off with some day packs, had a quick wee explore around the property first – it has lovely gardens, a jetty with kayaks, and a little boardwalk. We briefly thought about the high tide kayak across the estuary or the low tide walk, but none of the tide times would be any good so for tomorrow’s walk we decided we’d walk around the road to the track.

Anyway, after the property exploring we set off to Pataua South Beach and it was a great walk. Stopped at the campground store there for ice cream & coke and then headed off to the footbridge to go over and see Pataua North.

It was really nice in Pataua and while we were there we kept thinking about how nice an ice cold beer would be. After further investigation we found the nearest pub to be 7km or so away and entertained the idea of walking there. Which we did. Until such time as we managed to hitchhike a lift (about halfway).

Arriving at the Parua Bay Tavern after a ride from some kind people we had our hands on a nice cold beer and we were very happy. We had dinner here too and it was a really cool tavern on the waterside of the Whangarei Harbour not far from where we’d end up after two more walking days.

We took a taxi back to our cabin 🙂 We decided we’d done enough walking for the day – or maybe the beers stole our motivation ….. Lol.

Boardwalk at the Tidesong B&B.
Looking across the estuary between tides.
Statue (letterbox?) outside a house in Pataua South.
Pataua footbridge.
View north from Pataua North to where we had come from (Ngunguru).
Parua Bay Tavern outdoor seating view.
View out to Whangarei Harbour from the bottom area outside at Parua Bay Tavern.

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