Day 36; Ocean Beach – Urquharts Bay

6.5 hours. After a good nights rest at the Appin Cottage, Dougie dropped us out at Ocean Beach this morning so we could complete the Bream Head Track and back round to McKenzie Bay. His good friend Pete who we’d met last night had come for the ride and they were off for a leisurely walk and swim. Us, we were off up the Bream Head Track. It was a steep climb up to the first summit, past the wee lighthouse, and the old naval radar station. We had a quick look at these and continued the slog upwards. At the summit we had some awesome views both north and south from a precarious wee viewpoint. Neil didn’t join me on the viewpoint. It was a bit scary and very exposed. From here it was a bit of a descent down to the saddle where the turn off to Peach Cove is.











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