Day 37; Zero Day @ McKenzie Bay

Today we had a bit of a sleep in before getting up to ready ourselves to climb the local hill – Mt Manaia. Mt Manaia is a beautiful and striking mountain despite standing at just 420m. It’s origins are volcanic & it has a cool wee Maori legend.

The walk up was steep and had heaps of stairs. We took it at an easy pace and made it to the top in an hour. At the top you climbed a staircase onto a massive rock from which you could see out in every direction. It was an amazing view. I have to say Mt Manaia is on my list of favourite mountains.

We made the descent back down to the bottom where there was a big carpark for the walk at the Manaia Club which wasn’t open sadly (the tui sign caught our eye). We could see McLeod Bay just down the road and decided to pop over to the cafe there.

The cafe was called ‘The Deck’ and we had a icey cold beverage. The owners got chatting to us and the husband dropped us back at Dougies as he was going that way which was super cool of him. Turns out he knew Dougie too.  Everyone here seems to know each other lol.

Once we got back we went for my first swim in the bay at Appin Cottage. It was lovely. After our swim we had a yarn to Dougie and his son and headed back to the house to chill out a bit for our last night here before we pop across to Marsden Point tommorow.

Mt Manaia.
View south from the bottom of Mt Manaia
Start of the Mt Manaia Track.
Mt Manaia information board with its volcanic history and Maori legend.
Mt Manaia Track.
Mt Manaia Track.
Staircases up the Mt Manaia Track.
Warning board at the top of Mt Manaia.
Mt Manaia selfie 🙂
Neil at the top.
View to the South.
View up the Whangarei Harbour.
View to Ocean Beach.
Neil taking photos at the top.
Appin Cottage bay for our afternoon swim.

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