Day 38; Marsden Point – Ruakaka Beach

2.25 hours.

This morning we headed down to the bay from Appin Cottage to meet Dougie for the boat ride across the Whangarei Harbour. Dougie has a great little boat called Meg. It’s not particularly fast but it’s a brilliant boat to travel by.

This morning was completely calm with no wind and the ride across was absolutely perfect. It took about 30 minutes as we skirted around the bays then cut across directly across to Marsden Point.

We said our goodbyes to Dougie and then off we went heading along the trail again. It took us through Marsden Point refinery area which is our only NZ oil refinery. There is a cafe here and a visitor centre too which we’d like to come back to see at some stage, but we were racing weather today so we passed it by.

After passing through the refinery area we followed a DOC track that took us through the dunes and emerged just north of Ruakaka. We followed the road through Ruakaka (where I finally got my hands on a creme egg which I’ve been craving for about a week now – I ate two actually).

At the far end of Ruakaka is a turn off for Ruakaka Beach where we headed to find somewhere to stay as it was set to pour down with rain this afternoon starting anytime soon and it was already looking dreary. It meant a short day which was a shame but we would have a free afternoon which was cool.

We stayed at a motel right by the beach with a brilliant cafe next door. We had a beer there and some lunch. I had a mussel pattie burger. Best burger on the TA to date!! Yum! I went off afterwards for a bit of a beauty treatment lol and we collected some chicken salads from the cafe a bit later which were equally delicious.

It spent most of the afternoon and night raining. We were glad to have taken a short day.

Dougies boat ‘Meg’.
Dougie & Neil – preparing for the voyage.
Looking out towards Urquharts Bay.
Me enjoying the boat ride 🙂
Looking back at Mt Manaia.
Marsden Point oil refinery.
Looking to Bream Head from Marsden Point.
Beginning of the Ruakaka Pipeline Track.

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