Day 39; Ruakaka Beach – Waipu Cove

4 hours.

We got up this morning, packed up the gear, and headed over to the brilliant little cafe next door for a big breakfast to set us up for the big day ahead. Although we only walked through to Waipu Cove in the end to break it up. The big breakkie was scrumptious and we set off with bodies all fuelled up for the big walk.

Although we knew it was high tide we had a go at the beach for a bit but ended up giving it up after 1km as it was bloody hard work on the soft sand. We took a little pathway in the dunes area that lead us through to Uretiti Campground. Nice campground too, would be a real nice spot to stay, but not right for us on this occasion being only an hour into our day.

From the campground it was a road walk into Waipu for another hour ish. Waipu is such a cool little town full of Scottish history – who knew! Oh and the sign on the way in gave us a hundred thousand welcomes!

Just casually, feeling quite welcome, we got some fizz and chocolate from the 4 square then headed down the road to the pizza barn for lunch. Cool little spot this pizza barn and the pizzas were perfect. Nice beer too.

We decided to have a good look at the rest of the walk for the afternoon here because it was quite a distance given us being cut short yesterday. We found a taxi company in the end who would pick us up from Waipu Cove and deliver us through to Mangawhai Heads where we had a few nights booked over the Waitangi Weekend and we would get dropped back in the morning to complete the walk on one of our days there.

Excellent. Long lunch 🙂

We headed off about 3pm from lunch for the last hour and a half through to our pick up (haha which was a return of their school run in the school bus – very cool). The walk was along the road but very nice. The school bus arrived right on 5pm as expected and we rode through to Mangawhai Heads in our cool bus 🙂

Once there dropped off at the door we checked into the Mangawhai Lodge. Lovely place and the lady here was brilliant (not just because there were two cold beers in the fridge for our arrival). She gave us heaps of info and offered to take us back to where we left off tommorow morning for free as well 🙂

We headed off to 4 square for some bits & pieces then had dinner at the bar across the road. We then headed home for a good nights sleep before our walk again tommorow which is meant to be a great walk 🙂

Brilliant little cafe at Ruakaka Beach.
Heading onto Ruakaka Beach.
Looking north towards Whangarei Heads where we have come from on Ruakaka Beach.
Uretiti Campground.
Waipu!! The town of a hundred thousand welcomes 🙂
Waipu pizza barn lunch – nomm!!
Road walking through to Waipu Cove.
Northern Waka – school bus / taxi.

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