Day 40; Waipu Cove – Mangawhai Heads

6.5 hours.

We got dropped off this morning at about 9am back where we let off yesterday at Waipu Cove. We set off uphill along the road for 7km to where the Langsview Track begins. It was a nice walk up the road with heaps of people out and about cycling and running. Today was Waitangi Day and it was nice to be out and about enjoying our beautiful country.

The Langsview Track meandered through the bush with a few viewpoints. We caught the odd patch of rain today too but was nice it wasn’t to hot to be honest.

The track eventually emerged out to the roadside where we walked along a short way to a farm road and farm land that would link us to the Mangawhai Heads Clifftop Track. It was a pretty easy walk. Coming through this section we bumped into 3 guys with a metre long kingfish in tow. We had a bit of a chat to them. One of them was Scottish and came from down the road from where Neil comes from. Omg. Another of the guys was Paul who walked with us to the Mangawhai Heads Clifftop Track. He had carried the fish up. He was really interested in our walk and said he was a trail angel in Mangawhai and offered us a place to stay. We already had accomodation so it wasn’t an opportunity for us this time. Before he left us to run off into the sunset we exchanged numbers and he invited us to come round for beer in the evening if we wanted to.

The walkway along the cliffs was spectacular! It was a lovely path and took about an hour. We descended near the end down onto the beach to walk round to the surf club carpark. Emerging off the beach here we spotted the coffee cart and homed in for mochas 🙂

It was a short walk around the bay from here back to where we were staying (via the pub). We had a freshen up and then headed across the road to the Mangawhai Club for the Friday buffet night (perfect).

The buffet was superb. $20 well spent on a hearty huge sized meal of fish pie, lasagne, roast meat, veges, seafood and more. What a treat to end a superb days hiking.

Coming up Cullen Road to the Langsview Track.
Start of the Langsview Track.
View south from along the Langsview Track.
View north from the Langsview Track.
Meander through farmland to connect with the Mangawhai Heads Clifftop Track.
Emerging onto the Clifftop Track.
Looking south along the Clifftop Track.
Beach walk to the surf club carpark.
Mangawhai Heads surf club carpark.
The last few bays to our accomodation.
The Mangawhai Club.
Inside gorging on buffet food.

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