Day 43; Mangawhai – Pakiri Beach

5.5 hours.

We got up this morning, packed up our gears and said goodbye to Paul and Tyler. We got a few sandwiches from the bakery for breakfast and lunch then set off on the trail again.

The first part of today was a road and forestry walk that took us out to Te Arai Beach. En route Paul & Tyler whizzed past us and threw us out a cold beer 🙂 haha. They were off fishing again out near Te Arai Point.

The walk along Te Arai Beach to the point was not too long and was quite nice. The point had some toilets and a small area for campers. We stopped breifly and also looked out for Paul & Tyler but couldn’t see them.

The trail continued up and over the point and came out onto Pakiri Beach about 2 hours north of where we would come off the beach. It was a long walk down this beach but we did it in reasonable time.

At Pakiri Beach river mouth we turned off and it was a short walk to a horse riding place where we had booked a little cabin. They were licensed so we got a couple of beers for the cabin and then went to settle in.

The cabins were quite cute by the riverside and we were the only ones using them. We just chilled out and did some washing and had dinner before crashing for the night

Forestry walk out to Te Arai Beach.
Beach path onto Te Arai Beach.
Walking down Te Arai Beach.
Back of the river cabins.
Riverside view of the cabins.
Bridge across the river from the cabins to the beach.

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