Day 44; Zero Day @ Pakiri Beach

Today we got up to get ready for the days trail walking and had no water at the cabins :/ Not so great. Oh well, we packed up and just set off across the wee bridge to the beach after letting the owners know. I’m not sure they really cared.

We followed along a few hundred metres back to the Pakiri River which we had to cross. Unfortunately it was high tide so it was a bit of a bum high wade across. Directly across was the Pakiri Beach Holiday park. For a host of small annoyances (no shower in the morning, no water, sore feet, wet shoes and pants) we made the excuse to stay at the campground and have a day off.

It was a good campground and the lady was very friendly. We stayed in a cabin and got some laundry done while we were there. Also we arrived at the turn if the high tide so it was a good time for some kayaking.

We hired a couple of kayaks and went for a bit of an adventure up the Pakiri River for a couple of hours. It was very cool 🙂

Back at camp we had a relaxing afternoon and early dinner. We cooked up some eggs, spaghetti, and sizzler sausages on their BBQ and it was very yum.

Looking out towards the sea at Pakiri Beach river mouth.
Paddling up the Pakiri River on the kayaks.
Neil in his kayak.
Heading back along the Pakiri River.

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