Day 45; Pakiri Beach – Matakana

5 hours.

The trail began today along the road into Pakiri village. There’s nothing really there, just a school and a hall really. We passed through and headed onto a farmland track which climbed up a few hundred metres to meet the track that would take us through the Omaha Forest.

We had a break at the top and scoffed some chocolate, then we headed along the track through the Omaha Forest. It was very gorsey to start with and a bit of a climb to the trig.

Once at the trig there was a big helipad which made for a good chill out spot for a mocha break. We brewed up some coffees and had a bit of a chat to a couple of lady’s who had popped up for a day walk.

Heading downhill the track was a bit better (much less gorse) to the bottom of the valley. Then it was a bit of a muddy climb back up to the road.

At the roadside we didn’t even need to call a taxi to our accomodation in Matakana, a kind young man gave us a lift which was great. Saved us $20. We then spent it on beer on arrival in Matakana. Lol.

After a tasty wee beverage we checked into the Matakana Motel and then popped down to the 4 Square for some supplies.

When we came back we gave the pool a bit of a try (apparently it’s heated), but it was way too cold for us. We retired to our room for the night and chilled out. Heard a bit of a super bang tonight, but didn’t think too much of it, have no idea what it was.

Road walk to Pakiri village.
Farm track up the hill.
Looking back towards Pakiri Beach from the farm track.
Beginning of the track into the Omaha Forest.
Looking forward along the track towards the Omaha Summit.
Omaha Forest track.
Omaha Forest trig.
Mochas at the summit on the helipad.
Heading down into the valley.
Down at the Matakana River.
Matakana village.
Matakana River.
Along the Matakana village riverside.
Epic beer for an epic adventure. I just had to buy this 🙂
Epic beer.

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