Day 47; The Dome Cafe – Nanekoti Farmstay

3 hours.

Today we only had a short day ahead of us so we didn’t need to set off at any crazy early hour. We left the lodge at 10am and went down to the shops for a few things. Neil got himself a haircut and shave at the barbers too. First since we left.

Once we were done in town we got a taxi again (same guy lol) back to the track at The Dome Cafe. The trail was mainly a road walk today along some nice country roads and some old forestry ones. It also went through a bit of bush and a section of felled forest.

The trail brought us down into a lovely farm valley and we continued along the roadside around to Nanekoti Farmstay where we were staying tonight.

We got there early afternoon and the owner showed us into the barn loft where we stayed. It was really nice with a big lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. We had a freshen up and headed over to the main house to swim and lounge around for the afternoon.

We were offered a beer and it was very refreshing. Also, the other Te Araroa hiker that was expected turned up late afternoon. He would stay in his tent and he joined us for dinner. He was a Korean chap from Auckland who was doing the trail in sections at a rate of knots.

Dinner was amazing. Most delicious lasagne ever! Salad was amazing too. All local fresh food. Yum! We all yarned away over dinner till quite late. It was a really cool night.

Country road heading away from The Dome Cafe.
Forestry track.
Bush track heading out of the forestry.
Section through felled forest.
View out into the farm valley.
Pool at the Nanekoti Farmstay.
Me lounging around poolside.
View out from the farmstay house.
The barn that had the loft where we stayed.

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