Day 48; Nanekoti Farmstay – Puhoi

5.5 hours.

We got up at 8am today and headed over to the main house for breakfast. We had the yummiest bacon & eggs with fruit, toast, and coffee. It was a real treat. It has been a lovely place to stay and we’d definitely come back. After breakfast we popped back to the loft to pack up our bags, then said out goodbyes and thank you’s.

We set off with a decent sized day ahead of us but with a historic pub to look forward to at the end of the day, which always helps with the motivation. The first part of the day took us along a forestry road to the summit of Moir Hill. It was a good climb with some beautiful views from the top. We stopped at the top for a brief Moro bar break before we continued.

We then passed through a real nice bush track that took us down to the road and then through some new suburb streets to the Dunns Bush track. It took us through some nice patches of native bush and over farmland to the beginning of the Puhoi Track.

The Puhoi Track is quite new (just recently opened in December I think), and is of a good standard. It was a real nice walk with a small climb through native bush. It continued along the top for a while till it made its last descent (after a brilliant view at the top) to bring us out directly across the road from the historic Puhoi Pub.

The pub was unreal. Stuff on the walls everywhere!! You could spend hours exploring the walls of the Puhoi Pub. It had a fantastic outdoor area. Sadly the band was just finishing up :/

We had dinner in the pub which was very yum, and a few beverages before retiring for the night. It has been a great walk today with a very cool little destination.

Road leading out towards Moir Hill.
Forestry road up Moir Hill.
Continuing along the forestry road to Moir Hill summit.
View from Moir Hill summit.
Half dead, half alive tree.
Roadside walk to Puhoi Track connection.
Beginning of the bush track.
Bush track.
Beginning of Dunns Bush.
Through the Dunns Bush section.
Swing bridge at the beginning of the new Puhoi Track.
Puhoi Track.
View from the Puhoi Track.
Puhoi Pub from the end of the track.
Inside the Puhoi Pub.
Upstairs in the Puhoi Pub accomodation’s hallway.
Historic stables across the road.
Outside the Puhoi Pub.

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