Day 49; Puhoi – Waiwera

1.5 hours.

Today was a super short day through to Waiwera so we set off at a leisurely 10am. Stopped at the Puhoi general store for a sandwich for breakfast then hit the road. The whole of Puhoi has a lot of history and we passed by a cute little library and a cool church on our way out.

We had to walk along the highway a few kms today just prior to Aucklands toll road. It was a bit epic but we were fine. This section is supposed to be a kayak but due to tide timing we weren’t able to do it. Nevermind.

After the wee highway walk we dropped into Waiwera after a good view into the Wenderholm Regional Park which looked quite nice. The little villa unit we were staying in was right at the entrance to Waiwera across from the dairy.

After settling in we chilled out for the afternoon, had some yummy spaghetti on toast for dinner, then headed down to the hot pools. I used to come here as a kid and it was kind of the main reason for our stay in Waiwera 🙂

The pools were nice, unfortunately there is only a couple of water slides here now, as a kid there was like 10! What a shame. Anyway, other than the loss of the slides it was just as I remembered it.

We bought some Waiwera water as we left (all water seems not created equal – either this stuff is delicious or we’re super thirsty) and headed home for the night.

Tiny wee library building.
Puhoi church building.
Getting closer to Auckland …
Bit of a highway walk.
Looking down on Wenderholm Regional Park.
View down into Waiwera.
Waiwera hot pools!! 🙂

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