Day 50; Wenderholm – Waiwera

1.5 hours.

We woke up this morning and decided we wanted to stay in Waiwera another night. The place we were staying in was nice and Waiwera is lovely. So we shuffled some accomodation bookings to make it happen 🙂

We actually had some heated pools on site as well so we had some lunch and then went for a bit of a dip in them. So nice and relaxing. After lunch we chilled out doing some planning and blogging.

About 4pm we set off to do the Wenderholm section we’d bypassed on the way in so that we didn’t have to pop back and do it tommorow with full packs. It was a short walk through the park and over a hill back to Waiwera again. We had a look around while we were down there and there’s a campsite, bbq’s, a nice beach and heaps of little walks.

After arriving home we popped down to the little bar & grill in Waiwera for dinner and then headed home for a last soak in the villa’s hot pool before retiring for the night.

Entrance to Wenderholm Regional Park.
Looking up the Puhoi River from Wenderholm.
Historic house in the Wenderholm Regional Park.
View over Wenderholm Beach from up on the hill track.
The Perimeter Track over the hill.
Emerging off the track back on the Waiwera side.
Back over the Waiwera bridge.

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