Day 51; Waiwera – Red Beach

3 hours.

We set off today just before the low tide for the walk around the rocks from Waiwera. It was a brilliant walk and a really nice day.

After about an hour and a half we arrived at the beginning of Orewa Beach. It was low tide and it is a wide beach – very beautiful. The walk took us along the beach and took about an hour. At the bridge we had a short walk through the streets to Pinewoods Holiday Park. It was a brilliant spot and we had booked in for 2 nights at a tent site.

We set up camp and set off for some supplies from the 4 square down the road. We spent the evening here just relaxing and enjoying the good spot.

Setting off from Waiwera around the rocky coastline.
Small sandy section between Waiwera and Orewa.
Really cool folds in the cliffs.
Rocky coastline before Orewa Beach.
View south along Orewa Beach.
Really cool letterbox.

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