Day 54 – 57 – Off Trail In Rotorua

This morning our last ditch effort at booking accomodation through Auckland failed. I’m not sure what’s going on but the entire region is practically full. After a bit of a ‘think outside the square’ operation we decided to hire a campervan and run away till Monday. Not an Auckland fan at the best of times this quite appealed.

We found a trusty wee camper and left Stillwater bright and early to collect it, then head for Rotorua. It was a side trip we originally had planned from Hamilton but we made the most of the things and took cue of the situation to do it now.

We arrived in Rotorua late afternoon and headed up to the luge for a few runs. We booked dinner at the luge for later on and booked in at the Blue Lake Holiday Park before coming back for dinner. Dinner was an amazing buffet with a cracker view of Rotorua from the top of the gondola.

The next day we spent the morning at the Polynesian Spa soaking in the pools and I got a massage. I love this place!

After leaving the hot pools we headed out to Wai O Tapu thermal park where we had lunch and looked at all the crazy steamy volcanic stuff. Very cool. We had a nosy down the Waikite Valley on the way home also. Good spot down there for camping beside the natural hot pools. We will be back.

The next day we just chilled out at the campsite mainly. We had a wee drive down the road to look at Lake Tarawera and spent the afternoon walking the track around the Blue Lake. We had a hot tub at the campsite early evening then bunkered up for the night.

The next morning we headed off back to Auckland ready for rejoining the trail. We booked into Takapuna Holiday Park for 2nights so we can finish the North Shore then beeline through and out of Auckland. We are staying in a very cool little on site caravan and we have a stunner view of Rangitoto Island. I’m hoping to get up early for some sunrise shots of it.

View of Rotorua from the luge.
Luge track below the chairlifts.
Riding back up the chairlifts after our first luge run.
Polynesian Spa lakeside pools.
Entering the Wai O Tapu thermal park.
Volcanic Crater.
‘Artists Palette’
Bridge walk through the thermal park.
Thermal park walkway.
Beautiful green lake at the end of the thermal park walk.
‘Champagne Pool’
‘Champagne Pool’ again.
‘Inferno Crater’
‘Devils Bath’
Boiling mud pool.
Campsite at the Blue Lake.
Lake Tarawera.
Along Blue Lake beach to the start of the walk.
Start of the Blue Lake walk.
Along the Blue Lake track.
Blue Lake from the lookout.
Green Lake from the lookout.

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