Day 58; Long Bay – Takapuna Beach

4 hours.

Today with Takapuna Beach as our base we set off on the bus with our day packs to pick up the trail again at Long Bay Regional Park.

The trail took us through the beachside park and then through suburb beach tracks and alleyways. Other times it would just follow along suburban footpaths.

We stopped for lunch at Browns Bay at this little French cafe / bakery. Had some yum food and headed off again.

The trail remained much the same after lunch heading back to Takapuna Beach with a real cool rocky path bit at the end.

Arriving back we popped into the Belgian Beer Bar for a quick drink and then I spotted a hairdressers across the road. In desperate need of a haircut I popped in.

After my sexy haircut we headed home to chillax for the evening 🙂

Long Bay Regional Park.
Walking along suburbia foothpaths.
Looking back at one of the bays.
Along the streets with Rangitoto Island in the background.
Through the alleyway paths.
Another nice bay enroute.
Wee marina that we passed.
Section along the beach.
Cool little rocky section at the end of the day.

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