Day 60; Newmarket – Ambury Regional Park

5.5 hours. 

We awoke today to the roosters after the nights melody of noisy farm animals. Jeepers! Lol. 

We brewed up some breakkie in our trusty camp cookers and then packed up to go catch the bus to where we left off yesterday. We grabbed some breakfast from Pita Pit and a pita sandwich for lunch later and off we went.
The trail from Newmarket took us up over Mt Eden which is a brilliant spot up on top of one of Auckland’s many dormant volcanos. You can see down into the crater and the view over Auckland is amazing.
From Mt Eden we headed through suburb streets and university grounds to One Tree Hill and out to the coastline. We stopped at a little bar prior to crossing Mangere Bridge for a brew or two before crossing over.
Mangere bridge was lined with people fishing and the trail then took us along the coastline on a nice wee path back to Ambury Regional Park where we called it a day and decided to stay for another night at the campground.
Unable to found any other good spots in the campground we ended up back in the same spot near the farm animals. I guess it’ll be another noisey night lol.
Our wee campsite at Ambury Campground.
The sign of truth.
Intercepting Auckland’s Coast to Coast walkway at the bottom of Mt Eden.
Heading up Mt Eden.
View of Auckland from Mt Eden.
Mt Eden’s crater.
Beacon at the top of Mt Eden.
Heading towards One Tree Hill.
Mangere bridge.

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