Day 61; Ambury Regional Park – Manukau

6 hours.

We packed up our tent and headed off for the trail again for a 10am start. The trail took us along the waterside again around past some old stone fields, then to the Auckland International Airport. We stopped here and had sushi for lunch.

After a good little sushi refuel we headed off again through the airport area and off towards Manukau. Just past the airport was a lookout where we had another wee break for a bit of plane spotting 🙂

The trail continued roadside for a while before cutting through parkland through to Manukau and a last stretch of streets and back paths through to Manukau campground where we stayed in a cabin.

Begining of the waterside walk between Ambury and the stonefields.
Waterside walk.
Waterside walk again.
Coming to the end of the waterside walk.
The old stonefields.
Coming in to the Auckland Airport area.
Crew memorial for the Mt Erebus disaster.
Bit of a planespotting break.
Coming across park land just prior to Manukau.

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