Day 62; Manukau – Clevedon

6.5 hours.

Leaving Manakau campground this morning we were a bit weary from the lack of sleep at the campground. It was pretty noisey with a bunch of drunken revellers distressing the other inhabitants and circling helicopters. Nevermind. Off we went as usual – tough Te Araroa hikers we are :p

First part of the day took us through the Auckland Botanical Gardens and we detoured off to the cafe here for breakfast. The gardens were nice and the track emerged from them through Totara Park which was a cool spot too with plenty of park space and a pool and everything. There were heaps of people here enjoying the place which was cool to see.

Next the trail took us along the roadside heading out of Auckland finally! We passed a school enroute where we stopped for a bit of a coffee break.

After our break the trail headed off towards the hills to the Kimptons Track. The track climbed steeply to the top where there was a seat beside the beacon at the top with great views. The track downwards was good with many steps and brought us out over a bridge into a scout park in Clevedon. It was only a short walk from here to the Clevedon Hotel where we were booked in to camp out back in our tent.

They showed us out back to our little camping spot and we set up for the night before heading in to the restaurant for a beer and burger. The burgers here were delicious. During dinner we could hear the performance of a Tina Turner singer (a guy even). He was quite good lol. We retired to the tent soon after and listened to the music pumping out until we fell asleep.

Passing through Auckland Botanical Gardens.
Through to Totara Park.
Finally leaving Auckland.
Roadwalk towards the hills.
Heading up Kimptons Track.
View from part way up Kimptons Track.
Through forest on Kimptons Track.
At the top of Kimptons Track.
Swingbridge at the exit of Kimptons Track.
Camping out back at the pub.

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