Day 65; Clevedon – Mid Wairoa Cosseys Track

6 hours.

Today we set off with the trail taking us along the road heading out of Clevedon. En route we had a bit of a yarn to a guy who lives on the trail, he was a top guy and even gave me a water bladder as mine was broken.

Eventually the road came to a dead end alongside a river and we continued on a lovely wee track that followed the riverside.

The track popped us out at the Hunua Ranges Regional Park. We stopped here at the falls area for some water and a lunch break then headed back to the Wairoa Cosseys Track to get hopefully to a clearing halfway where we could camp.

After a trudge uphill we made it to the mid-point of the track where there was a small clearing. It was a cracker night so we didn’t even pitch the the tent. We blew up our sleeping mats and slept under the stars 🙂

Road heading out of Clevedon.
Donkey action.
Riverside trail
Heading into Hunua Ranges Regional Park.
Hunua Falls.
Wairoa Cosseys Track.

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