Day 66; Mid Wairoa Track – Lower Mangatawhiri Campground

5.5 hours.

We awoke this morning in our little grassey clearing encased in our sleeping bags and packed up to set off. It took us another two hours on the Wairoa Cossey Track till we emerged at the Wairoa Dam.

We stopped breifly here then continued up the hill to the Repeater Campsite where we stopped for water and lunch. It was a great wee spot with an open shelter with bunks and a table inside. Rainwater tank and toilet also.

After lunch it was a big descent into the valley below where there was another campsite, Upper Mangatawhiri, but it was occupied by a bunch of kids so we continued on to the Lower Mangatawhiri Campsite.

It was a good easy walk and the campsite was lovely. All to ourselves we pitched our tent and made ourselves at home for the night.

Wairoa Dam.
Wairoa Dam from the viewpoint.
Track to the Repeater Campsite.
Repeater Campsite.
Heading towards Lower Mangatawhiri Campsite.
Lower Mangatawhiri Campsite.


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