Exciting New Blogs! :)

I’ve spent some time over the last few months in our ‘Te Araroa off season’ setting up 2 new blogs branching from ‘thereIsnohorizon’ about a couple of things I’m very passionate about.

First & foremost, I’m in love with New Zealand’s huts ❤ They are amazing! I love the diversity in their character and the range in their size and appearance.

Sadly, some of our lesser known and more remote huts due to DOC’s constant underfunding for the scope of its work, end up on a minimal maintenance list. This means when they fall into disrepair they will not be repaired or replaced and will be removed.

The more popular huts don’t face this risk, but these huts are likely the ones that have less character and history. Also, for those wanting a better chance at solitude in the New Zealand backcountry, the more remote huts offer the best chance at this. Despite the ‘beaten trail’ in New Zealand being absolutely stunning, it is equally beautiful if not more so to get off it and visit some of these gems.

There are people and clubs out there who love them just like me and who can’t bear to lose them. They are often volunteering time, effort and funds to help save our huts.

I’ve started ‘The Gems In Our Backyard’ to try and inspire more of us to get out there and enjoy them. I also hope it raises the profile of our huts in need and perhaps will raise some funds along the way to help these people save our huts.

Although it is aimed primarily at inspiring kiwi’s to get out there fall in love with them, it is for anyone, anywhere in the world, who is passionate about NZ huts with a view to help protect them.

Check it out …. https://thegemsinourbackyard.wordpress.com/

My second blog is all about New Zealand’s non-mountaineering peaks. If I’m not out visiting our gems (or sometime while out visiting our gems), I’m climbing to the tops of these peaks. They’re everywhere, they’re spectacular, and you have to get out there and get on top of one!

Again, this blog is about inspiring people to get outdoors, and climbing our peaks, large or small, is just another fantastic way to do this!

This second blog is very new with only a few posts at the moment, more peaks are coming 🙂

Check it out ….. https://kingofthecastlekiwi.wordpress.com/

Hope you enjoy!! 🙂


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