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Te Araroa – Hiking Food For The Longer Stretches….

Food always takes a bit of planning, particularly for the long stretches, and particularly for long distance hiking.

There is plenty of strategies, and as many personal preferences for what people take with them.

I think for most its getting the best amount of fuel (calories), macro nutrients (fats, carbs, protein etc), and vitamins and minerals for your weight (and hard earned cash). Also food for happiness is also important.

Carbohydrates are an obvious important fuel source, particularly for short term energy. Fats are equally important and they come into play as more important for longer term energy. As we all know we also need our vitamins and minerals for an array of healthy body functions and optimum energy (important to us hikers).

Loading up on fresh foods and copious amounts of calories while passing through townships is also a good strategy used by many.

For me, I’ve played around with a lot of different food lists for the long stretches on my section hikes to date, and have my list for this section hike at the end of this post.

My strategy is as light as possible, at a reasonable price, with a good coverage of macro and micro nutrients. I team this with the nutrient/calorie loading in township technique, and the added bonus of having a few kg’s to lose anyway. I’m also considering a multivitamin but am not sure at this point whether this is necessary.

I have my carbs and fats covered with pasta, couscous, seeds and nuts. Dried peas  in my couscous make a vitamin C contribution, and cheese for a bit of calcium. There is an array of micro nutrients in the nuts and seeds. The mochas and chocolate are my happiness foods – which are equally important in moderation.

For a total weight of about 5kgs (and under $10 a day), I have about 2000 calories per day which is low, but coupled with some weight to lose, and overeating in townships and shorter stretches I’m quite happy with this list for a 10 day stretch (worse stretch encountered on the Te Araroa).

Check out my long stretch (10day) food list below, I hope it helps. If you have any questions or comments – fire away.

10 Day Stretch Food List:

760g Quick cook spaghetti

10 x Cheese sauce pkts

1000g Wholeweat couscous

640g Peas (reconstituted weight)

6 x Soup sachet (3serve pack)

10 x Mocha sachet

20 x Teabags

12 x Tortillas

250g Cheese

400g Prunes

10 x Vitasport electrolyte sachets

1 x Pkt barley sugars

3 x 250g chocolate

50g Brazil nuts

120g Pistachios

100g Pumpkin seeds

70g Pinenuts

100g Sunflower seeds

Periperi seasoning


Gear List; Te Araroa 2015 – 2016 Season

Coming up to heading off now, I thought I’d put up some posts on some recurring themes that I always see come up as Te Araroa questions.

Everyone always has a question about gear. Essentially, its my opinion the choices in most cases are personal preference and with lightweight vs traditional weights each to there own. My personal opinion is as much as I’d like to go lightweight, I’d sacrifice my comfort, happiness, or safety in some way in order to do so.

My only strong advice is carry a PLB. And be very careful to carry sufficient clothes and shelter. Secondly, if your kit doesn’t cover the conditions that turn up one day – wait it out. Go tomorrow. Hike within your kits capability. Often the lightweight approach will work combining this principle with the discipline to use it. Don’t suffer from get-there-it is. Just get there alive. As long as you have shelter warmth and water you have plenty of time to wait out unfavourable conditions.

Anyway, heres my kit. I have many luxurys, a lot more clothes than a lightweighter, but in some cases the lightest weight kit available without hitting tarptent, or fly-less status on my shelter, or home made meths style status on my cooker.

My kit this season without food & water weighs 14.9 kgs (no significant change). The only substantial change I’ve made is that I’ve gone back to Kathmandu’s top range synthetic for my thermals after using Icebreaker last time. I do like Icebreaker but I have found the lighter weight thermals don’t hold up in terms of durability for me anywhere near my Kathmandu ones (although I suspect this is largely a product of being 100% merino as opposed to being Icebreaker in particular). I have no overall brand preference but I am slowly finding brand preferences for different items and they are surprisingly diverse.

Also, point to note; despite in all other ways being perfect, my partner and I have both had to replace our Black Diamond  hiking poles due to the tungsten tips falling out (spikey end piece). Shame really – otherwise they are great.

Any questions on anything gear or preferences fire away.

Enjoy picking a safe kit that meets your happiness and comfort needs 🙂

Main Items
Tent (MSR)
Sleeping Bag (Sea to Summit – Rated to -2 deg celcius)
Sleeping Bag Liner (Kathmandu – Silk)
Sleeping Mat (Exped – blow up – 163cm)
Bag Liner (Plastic inner sack)

3 x Undies (Kathmandu – Quickdry/Wicking)
2 x Sports Bra (Cotton On – QuickdryWicking)
3 x Merino Socks (Icebreaker)
1 x Merino Knee – Length Socks (Kathmandu Alpine)
1 x Zip Off Pants (Macpac)
1 x Singlet (Kathmandu – Quickdry/Wicking)
2 x T-Shirts (Nike – Quickdry/Wicking)
3 x Long Sleeve Thermal (Kathmandu – Top Range Synthetic Polyester)
2 x Thermal Long Johns (Kathmandu – Top Range Synthetic Polyester)
1 x Soft Shell Jacket (Kathmandu – Polyester)
1 x Windproof Waterproof Jacket (Outdoor Research)
1 x Waterproof Trousers (Outdoor Research)
1 x Down Jacket (Kathmandu)
1 x Merino Neck Warmer (Macpac)
1 x Mittens (Outdoor Research)
1 x Beanie (Fleece)
1 x Gaiters (Hunting & Fishing)
1 x Tennis Visor
1 x Hiking Boots (Salomon – Mid Height)
1 x Jandals

1 x Cup/Pot/Bowl (750ml – Stainless Steel)
1 x Cup (250ml – Stainless Steel)
1 x Stove (Kovea)
1 x Spork
1 x Scrubbie
1 x Lighter

Electronics Bag
1 x Camera Charger & Cord
1 x iPhone Headphones
1 x iPhone Charger
1 x Kobo Cord (charge/download)
2 x 3000mAh Batterys
1 x Flash
1 x Kobo
1 x iPhone
1 x Sunto Altitude Watch

Camera Bag
1 x Camera (Olympus)
2 x Battery
2 x SD Card
1 x Polariser

Town Clothes
Town Underwear
Merino T-Shirt (Icebreaker)

1 x Toothbrush
1 x Mini Toothpaste
1 x Mini Floss
1 x Mini Mouthwash
1 x Comb
1 x Nail Clippers
1 x Tweezers
1 x Body Spray
1 x Lip Balm
1 x Razor
1 x Vaseline
1 x Sanitiser
1 x 20pk Wipes
1 x Toilet Paper
1 x Multipurpose Wash
Contact Solution
Cotton Tips / Tampons
Mini Mirror
Coconut Oil 90ml

3L Bladder (Platypus)
1L Pouch (Kathmandu)
42L Water Treatment Tablets
Emergency Blanket
Tea Candle
10 x Drybags (various sizes)
Mini Mirror
Mini First Aid / Drug Kit
Mini Multi-Tool
Day Bag
Stylus / Pen
Measuring Tape
2 x Cord
Duct Tape Stash
Glad Bag Stash
1 x Carabiner
1 x Sunscreen (200mls)
1 x Rubbish Sack
1 x Mossie Spray
1 x Blister Kit
1 x Towel
Playing Cards
10 x Firelighters
Walking Poles (Black Diamond)
Kiwi Mascot (Steve)
ID / Eftpos / Debit Card
1 x Bag Cover